Level 1 – White Sash


1. Neutral stance
2. Neutral side stance
3. Wing Chun fist left and right
4. Wing Chun guard left and right
5. Pak Sao (Inward diagonal and parallel armed)
a) left b) right
6. Pak Sao punch (Inward diagonal parallel armed)
a) left b) right
7. Half front step left and right
8. Roll punch ( three)
9. Shil Lim Tao – opening to form fist
10. Numeric punches 1 to 3
11. Benefit – 1. Improve self discipline
12. The pledge- I believe constant practising of the art of Traditional Wing Chun will enable me to transcend to a higher mental and physical level. I shall show respect for the Art, Grandmaster Cheung, my Si-Fu, Sihings and Sidais. I shall employ my utmost tolerance and consideration when dealing with people and matters in and outside the Academy


1. Wing Chun guard – switching a) left to right b) right to left
2. Half side step; Left and Right
3. Half side step Pak Sao (block straight punch); Left and Right
4. Half front step; Left and Right
5. Half front step Pak Sao; Left and Right
6. Larp Sao – on Neutral Stance; Left and Right
7. Half front step – Pak Sao, punch and roll punch; Left and Right
8. Half front step – Larp Sao, punch and roll punch; Left And Right
9. Shil Lim Tao – opening – Tan Sao and Wu Sao
10. Principles of Wing Chun – 1. Guard the Centre
11. Benefits 1 & 2: 1. Improves self discipline; 2. Improves self-confidence.


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